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How To Keep A Pest-Free Pantry

Pantry Pest Control

“Pantry Pests” is a term for bugs that feed on packaged goods. These pests will infiltrate your pantry and eat your food unless you take steps to keep them at bay. Regular infestations can lead to food waste and cost you money, and the same things that attract pantry pests can also attract mice. A mice infestation can contaminate your food and cause disease. Grossed out by the prospect of pest in your pantry? You should be. Follow these tips and you can keep your pantry pest-free.

Clean your pantry

To get started, take everything out of your pantry and wipe down your shelves. Spilled food like pasta, flour, spices and nuts are targets for pests. Wipe up any spills and go over the shelves with a disinfectant to remove bacteria. If you see mouse droppings, contact a pest control professional for extermination. Mice hide when humans come around, but droppings are a sign they’re in the area.

Inspect items and repackage

Inspect food packages for signs of infestation. Look for evidence of damage like holes or tears. If an item has been contaminated, throw it away. Anything not in a glass or plastic container with a tight-fitting lid can be easily contaminated. Place the items in glass containers instead or store them in your fridge.

Maintaining a pest-free pantry

The best way to keep pests out of the kitchen is to keep food contained and inspect your pantry regularly. Always wipe up spills as soon as you notice them. Keep vulnerable items in the fridge or freezer. If you currently have a pest problem, call a pest control professional for help. Infestations should never be allowed to grow as they can cause costly problems down the road or cause disease.

CimeX Control Pest Management

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