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How To Tackle A Pigeon Problem

Pigeons can become a problem for homeowners, apartment dwellers and business owners alike. Their droppings can wreak havoc on paint, balconies and parking lots. Their feces can attract mice and they are highly acidic, staining and eating away at the underlying surface. Pigeon feces can also eat away at your car’s paint, causing serious and costly damage. If you are curious about methods to reduce the amount of pigeons on your property, the following will help you understand how we deter pigeons.

Beyond property damage

As noted above, pigeons can cause thousands in damage to cars and buildings. What you may not know is that pigeons can pose a health threat to people as well. Pigeons carry roughly 60-transmittable diseases. If pigeons take residence in a building or structure, the dry feces they leave behind can be pulled into ventilation systems and inhaled by those working in the building. Inhaling pigeon waste can cause serious illness.

Humane bird deterrents

A number of humane bird deterrents can be used to reduce the amount of pigeons on your property. At CimeX Control, we use certain products to keep pigeons away from your customers, cars and heavily-trafficked areas. We can do this a few different ways. One is habitat modification. This is accomplished through the instillation of pigeon spikes or bird netting to block the birds from getting back to the area they have used to roost, nest or perch. By making these areas inaccessible, birds are forced to move on to a new location. Pigeon spikes can be used on ledges, signs, beams, rooflines and windowsills.

Another way to deter pigeons is to use scare tactics. If you appeal to the senses, such as sight and sound, you can scare the birds away from your home or business. We can accomplish this through the Solar Bird Chase Sonic or Reflective Bird Diverters.

Consult a professional for help

If you don’t have the resources, time or expertise to solve the problem on your own, contact the professionals at CimeX Pest Control. Contact us for a free inspection. We build relationships with our clients so they feel free to communicate with us about their unique challenges. We also tailor our plans to each pest problem, making sure we remove critters the first time. Call us at (602) 688-4985 or send us a message at