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Solving A Rabbit Problem

Rabbits are considered pests for a variety of reasons. A community of rabbits can destroy crops, cause soil erosion and compete with native fauna for food and habitat. Because of their plant nibbling and destructive ways, rabbits prove to be a frustrating pest for gardeners and farmers. Through the use of repellents and other pest control methods, it is possible to remove them from your farm or garden.

Recognizing the signs of rabbits

Rabbits have many natural predators, and this makes them difficult to observe. Some people do see rabbits in broad daylight if they’re in an unthreatening environment. Look out for rabbit droppings and plant damage if you’re unsure of their presence. Rabbit pellets are as small as a pea and they may appear in small piles or spread around.

Make your garden less appealing to rabbits

Rabbits live in areas that provide them with cover and protection from predators. It’s common to find them living in low-growing shrubs, tall grasses, brush piles, underneath sheds, porches and other structures. To deter rabbits, clean up any brush piles and keep tall grasses short by mowing. Also consider blocking access under structures on your property. You can also be careful when it comes to choosing plants for your garden. Plant things rabbits are not likely to eat. You can find a list of these plants here.

What if things get out of control?

Rabbits are known for the speed in which they reproduce. Because of a one month gestation period, rabbits can become a problem quick. If your garden or farm is overrun with rabbits, contact the professionals at CimeX Control for help. We have proven methods to remove small mammals, like rabbits, from your property. At CimeX Control, we tailor our plans to each pest problem, making sure we remove critters the first time. Call us at (602) 688-4985 or send us a message at