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Removing Mice From The Home

Prevention is always best in pest control. Because mice can cause so much damage, we want to give you a few ways to reduce the likeliness of mice entering your home in the first place. If you’re one of the brave souls willing to face mice on your own, here’s a few things you need to know to get rid of mice.

Eliminate points of entry

Rodent-proofing your home is an effective way to stop a mice infestation from expanding or occurring in the first place. Eliminating points of entry will help you defend your home or business. This is difficult, as mice can squeeze into even the smallest of openings. If you can fit a pencil into a hold, crack or other opening, a mouse can squeeze through it.

Seal cracks in the wall or foundation of your home, especially where utility pipes and vents occur. You can use steel wool or caulking. Avoid using sealants like rubber, plastic, wood or other materials. Mice can easily gnaw through them. Use weather stripping for door and window gaps.

Use mouse traps

If you have an existing infestation, you will need to use some sort of mouse trap. Classic, wooden snap traps will do the trick for moderate mouse populations. It may be necessary to lay several traps to catch just one mouse.Try laying different types of traps, like bait traps or multiple-capture live traps. This practice will give you a better chance of catching several mice.

Keep your place clean

While good sanitation won’t get rid of a mice problem, poor sanitation can attract one. Mice can survive on 3 to 4 grams of food a day. A few crumbs here and there can sustain a moderate population of mice. To keep mice at bay, vacuum your floors and wipe down counters, eliminating food residue. Mice have sharp teeth, so they can chew through almost anything. Plastic bags are no match for mice. Store food in air-tight containers to reduce the likelihood of mice getting inside.

If your pest situation becomes serious, which often happens with mice, you can contact us for a free inspection. Most homeowners prefer not to deal with mice up close, so we take care of the problem for them. We also tailor our plans to each pest problem, making sure we remove critters the first time. Call us at (602) 688-4985 or send us a message at